There’s three universal truths as it relates to speaking. Having done this business for 10 years, I found out that there are three critical things you must have in this business.


One of my most favorite things in the world is to draw triangles and then  give the actual strategies. So if you want to be a speaker or if you want to use speaking to get clients, to get business, the first thing you need is a signature presentation.


What I mean by that is a message, a message that you can recite in front of clients, in front of prospects. It’s sort of like you go on autopilot; you know it cold but not that you’re just like throwing up on people as my partner Dave VanHoose would say. It’s how do you get people excited about your product or service.


You have to have a signature message or signature presentation. A signature presentation, is a talk that you take people through whether you do it in 5 minutes one-on-one, maybe you do it on a webinar and you’re down to about 45 minutes to an hour or if you do it on stage 90 minutes to even two hours, you’ve got to have that signature presentation. It can be a slide deck or can just simply be your words. We love visuals because we know that visuals sell and have emotional components.


Now the next thing that you have to do is you have to know how to deliver that presentation. That’s the delivery, and also I call that the influence. It’s how you say it, and how you deliver it. It’s important to have a good message, but also how you deliver it is so important.


So you’re probably thinking, okay what’s the third thing? Well the third thing is you gotta have someone to deliver it to, right? Someone’s got to watch your video. Someone has to sit down with you in person or if you’re speaking on a webinar or live on stage you’ve got to have your audience right?


So these are the three big components to a speaking business. No matter where you’re at, you go to a conference, you go to a seminar and they’re showing umpteen ways to use YouTube or why you need social media.. Just remember that at the end of the day you have to have a message, you have to know how to deliver it, and you’ve got to deliver it to somebody.


When you put that together, you can actually have crazy results and get clients and customers. So keep it simple and remember this formula!