A great presenter requires the right ammunition to find themselves on the spot and make an influential speech. Nurture the speaker within you, with these blogs.

How to Become a Professional Speaker ?

There’s three universal truths as it relates to speaking. Having done this business for 10 years, I found out that there are three critical things you must have in this business.   One of my most favorite things in the world is to draw triangles and...

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Why Know your Audience Before a Presentation?

When you’re making a presentation, whether it’s to a group of 30 or a crowd of 3000, you want the audience to not just listen to you, but to engage with you in the course of your presentation. You want them to nod in agreement, raise their hands to ask...

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6 Steps To Overcoming Presentation Anxiety ?

Sometimes the mere thought of standing up on stage and delivering a presentation before an audience can leave you with sleepless nights. What if the audience doesn't like my presentation? What if I fail to deliver on stage? All of these fears can be conquered with the...

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